Confine aims to organise a financial screening of the different sectors mentioned in the scope. Said screening would focus on financial criteria that seem to point to human trafficking. As such, human traffickers are denied the opportunity to develop their illegal practices. At the very least human trafficking could be detected and stopped in very early stages. In Belgium, the mayor has the authorization to close down an establishment when there are serious indications of human trafficking, provided he has deliberated with the public prosecution.

A financial screening as described above would require:

  • an investigation into the financial criteria that could point to human trafficking;
  • a systematic screening of open data sources, such as the Registry of Commerce, cadastral data, official publications of enterprises (locally, nationally, internationally);
  • a structural collaboration with tax administrations, Carin , Belgian Fiancial Intelligence Processing Unit (CTIF-CFI), fiscal investigation units, the public prosecutor’s office, police forces and other national and international financial serviceproviders;
  • scientific research into the possibilities local administration has to obtain financial information regarding the concerned businesses;
  • develop systems to exchange financial information with different stakeholders, within legal boundaries and legal framework.