Project partners

Full partners

European Union


Co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union.

RIEC Brabant-Zeeland


City of Antwerp

logo Stad Antwerpen 

University Leuven


City of Genk


Supporting partners

  • Ministry of Security and Justice (NL)
  • Minister of Interior (B)
  • RIEC Limburg (NL)
  • LIEC (NL)
  • Attorney-General Antwerp-Limburg (B)
  • Governor Antwerp (B)
  • Governor Limburg (B)
  • Ministry of Interior, Immigration Office (B)
  • Association Flemish Cities and Municipalities (B)
  • Federal Police (B)
  • Local Police Antwerp (B)
  • Local Police Midlim (B)
  • Ministry of Interior, Directorate General Security and Prevention/EUCPN (B)
  • City of Tilburg
  • City of Rotterdam