Project results and activities

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Project results

The project will result in a clear methodology to develop operational cooperation in administrative financial screening. Immediate beneficiaries will be the local administrations fighting trafficking in human beings (THB), as well as their (judicial and financial) partners fighting organized crime in general. European decision makers will profit from the scientific advisory report.

Project activities

The project aims to organize 2 operational workshops, an intermediate seminar, a dissemination conference, and training of municipal staff. This will result in a manual, a scientific advisory report, and training syllabus that can be used in any other European municipality.

Intermediate Seminar held in Genk (BE)

To disseminate the intermediate results of this project, and to discuss the lessons learned so far with a wider European public, the city of Genk has hosted an intermediate seminar on Mai 24th. About 60 members of the Confine network gathered for an exchange of experiences with the focus on financial indicators of human trafficking. Six experts explained their best practices. These presentations resulted in lively debates and creative ideas. The results of this seminar will be integrated in the manual and the training program for municipalities and local authorities.“