Test Drive-in English

In Genk, the hospital ‘Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL)’ and the general practitioners/family doctors organise together a 'Test Drive-in'. There, you can have a coronary test taken (after referral by your general practitioner/family doctor). The test is free of charge in this case.

How does it work?

  1. Are you coming back from an orange or red zone? Check it out on https://diplomatie.belgium.be/nl
  2. Contact your general practitioner/family doctor in Belgium for a coronary test request form.
  3. Call ZOL for an appointment at the Test Drive-in: T +32 (0)89 32 50 50
    • Come alone.
      • Only -18-year-olds or people with walking difficulties are allowed to bring one companion.
    • ! Bring these documents with you: identity card + application form
      • No application form = no test!
    • Where? ZOL, Schiepse Bos 6 (follow the signs '2130 TEST DRIVE-IN')
  4. Sign up at the Test Drive-in at the agreed time.
  5. After the test, you will remain in quarantine. Follow the instructions from the government.
  6. Curious about the result?
    • 24 hours after your test, your result will be available from your doctor.
    • Can't you wait for the result from the doctor? Then go to www.zol.be/coronavirus/resultaat-covid-test and follow the instructions.
      • Attention, this is only possible for adults with a Belgian identity card.
  7. Follow the further instructions of your doctor.

All info: www.zol.be/coronavirus/test-drive-in

Frequently asked questions about the ZOL Test Drive-in

Do I have to pay for the corona test?

  • Are you coming back from an orange or red zone?
    • You do not have to pay for the test in the ZOL if you have an application form from your family doctor.
    • Did you get a QR code from the government? If so, please first contact your general practitioner/family doctor for an application form. In that case, you do not have to pay for the test in ZOL.
  • Do you travel to a country where the government requires screening?
    • Then you do not need an application form and you can make an appointment at ZOL.
    • In that case, the test will cost 66.81 euros.
    • You can only pay electronically (bancontact). Cash payment is not possible!
    • If you do not show up? Then you will be charged 25 euros.

Where can I find the Test Drive-in?

  • At the ZOL hospital. Just follow the signs '2130 TEST DRIVE-IN'.
  • Parking is provided at the Test Drive-in itself. Do not park on the visitor parking.
  • The Corona Consult on the Onderwijslaan is NOT open anymore.

Can I bring someone with me when I get tested?

  • No, you cannot. You have to come alone.
  • In two cases, one companion is allowed:
    • Under 18-year-olds
    • People who have difficulties walking

Can I just drop by the Test Drive-in?

  • No, you can't!
    • You always need an appointment. Make an appointment by phone at ZOL on the number T +32 (0)89 32 50 50.
    • You always need an application form. You will receive it (on paper or digitally) via your general practitioner.
    • Don't forget your identity card!

Can I contact any doctor for an application form?

  • No, only a doctor accredited in Belgium can draw up an application form. A doctor abroad cannot do this.